Mission and Vission

To establish social identity to follow ideology of Jyotiba Phuley and Baba Sahib Ambedkar to create moral and free society for social transformation.


PAGAAM is a non Political, non Religious, social organisation of oppressed and exploited Indians .It is to create general awareness amongst masses about root causes of their sufferings. 

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Pagaam Membership

Any person belonging to Bahujan samaj who is 18years and above can become a member of Pagaam. The person must have faith in Phule-Ambedkarite ideology and willing to contribute his/her time, talent, money or other resources for this purpose. Some people may allege that PAGAAM is spreading Castism. Some of our people also come into their trap and plead that why should PAGAAM be against Brahmins and hate Brahmins. We would like to make it clear that analyzing Brahminism does not mean hate of Brahmin. Mahatma Phule has clearly demarcated the line between Shudra-Atishudra and Sethji-Bhatji (Brahmin, Bania), one being the exploited and other exploiters. He gave example that a lion and a goat can not live together in same cage.



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Pagaam believes that we can achieve the stated objectives only by the path already shown by our great leaders. It is already stated that our main problem is caste system which is created by Brahmins to exploit us. The caste system is programmed in our minds over the centuries. Social transformation means turning the present vertical system to horizontal system. However, this will require a change in the thoughts of each individual. This is not an easy work, that is why people do not prefer this work. It is also invisible as change in thoughts can not be seen but its effects are seen. But we must understand that there is no shortcut. In simple words, the day a Jatav or Kurmi starts treating a Valmiki or Yadav his or her brother socially including interdining and intermarrying we can say that social transformation is achieved.


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