What do we mean by Backward Classes and minorities?

PAGAAM is a non Political, non Religious, social organisation of oppressed and exploited Indians (Backwards and Minorities). It is to creatThe term Backward has reference in the article 16(4) of the Constitution of India. S.C., ST. and O.B.C. have been jointly referred to as Backwards because historically they are the people of one class only. All the castes, falling in these categories, are backward, but the degree of backwardness varies. This is due to the doctrine of graded inequality, professed by Brahminism. The Scheduled castes, Scheduled tribes and Other Backward Class people are well aware that they all are suffering due to caste discrimination and historically they are one class of people.

As far as the term Minority is concerned, it refers to the religious minorities. Social scientists have proved that during the course of history some of the present day S.C., ST. and O.B.C. got converted to different religions at different point of time. These mainly include Muslims, Sikhs, Christians and Buddhists.

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